Wisconsin families anxiously await word from their loved ones in Boston

CREATED Apr 15, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Hundreds of other local families were desperate for information following the explosions.

Lisa Martin runs a fitness studio in Glendale. Monday, after finishing the race, she and her husband walked by the site of the explosion just before it erupted.

Jennifer Jambor-Raninen is a mom who, in the span of a few hours, experienced extreme pride and terror for her daughter. She watched 36-year-old Lisa Martin complete the Boston Marathon.

Minutes later, family members told Jambor-Raninen there was an explosion along the course.

Martin, whose muscles were fatigued from the race, struggled to run for her life.

"We could only go so fast, because my legs would not work,” she said.

Back in Glendale, Martin's parents worked to calm their two grandsons. A phone call finally came from the couple, easing minds for this family.

"You're glad your child is safe, then you think of the ones who are hurt, and our hearts go out to them all," Jambor-Raninen said.