Homeowners worried about where all this flood water is going

CREATED Apr 9, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - All of the rain on Tuesday is causing some homeowners to worry about where all the water is going.

Those who make their living inspecting homes say they can usually point out the ones that'll have trouble on days like these. They're sharing tips to help you avoid some unnecessary headaches.

Kevin Maynard is inspecting a basement in West Allis that's under repair.

"If you look on the wall here, we're seeing fluorescents which means water is pushing behind the wall from pressure and this is that white substance that we see on the wall,” said Kevin Maynard with Open Hearth Home Inspections.

Walls may also hold tell-tale signs of what you can't see. Maynard said it doesn’t matter if you have a full basement or a crawl space.

"It's all the same,” he said. “It can even happen in your garage floor… When I do inspecting, a lot of the garage floors are cracking and heaving."

Considering the post-winter thaw, and all the rain on Tuesday, Maynard calls the weather the perfect scenario for big issues.

"What's happening basically is when we came into a drought season last year, the clay soil has shrunk away from the basement wall which left a gap or a void,” he said. “And now, with all this rain, the water came behind the wall and is coming right into people's basements."

Michelle Fiore and Jaclyn Brandt contributed to this report.