Woman charged with embezzling almost $1 million from her employer

CREATED Apr 9, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - An employee of a local company has been charged with embezzling from the United Milwaukee Scrap. According to the criminal complaint, Jacqueline Fox helped prepare payroll for the company.

Fox would distribute the paychecks each week, but one week one of the executives decided to distribute them and found a paycheck made out to a former employee of the company. The paycheck was made out for a net of $4,370.69, and showed the former employee had made  $124,000 for the year to date. The bank account information where the paycheck was deposited belonged to Fox.

Fox admitted to the crime and said she did not know the former employee, but had put down false hours for him. Records showed that between 2006 and August 2012, Fox stole more than $996,689 from the company.

Jacqueline Fox has been charged with six counts of Theft by Fraud (value exceeding $10,000). Each count could bring up to a $25,000 fine and 10 years in jail.