Pain at the Pump

Premium gas prices fluctuate more as we use less

CREATED Apr 9, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Our behavior is changing at the gas pump.  Fewer of us are using high grade gas.

"Demand for premium has gone down so much that refineries are keeping less of the stuff on hand, they're not producing as much of it," said Patrick DeHaan with

Normally when demand goes down, the price would follow.  But because the oil companies are making less, the opposite has happened.

The price of premium gas has been fluctuating far more than the price of regular.  Often times it's priced about 20 cents higher than regular.  DeHaan says over the past year, "there was a period of several weeks that premium on the wholesale level was running 80 cents a gallon more."

That's a cost that gets passed on to you.

And, because we use so little premium, gas stations don't buy it as often.  That means the price from station to station can be very different.