Stevens Point contends for Forbes' No. 1 'Best to raise a family'

CREATED Apr 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Not everyone, or every city, can be No. 1.  However, Stevens Point stands as a contender for it when it comes to raising a family.

This writer who had a not-so-No. 1 moment would like to assist that town in reaching it.

My lack-of-No. 1 moment came when I wrote the following story, missing the detail that the article given to me was from a long time before 2013 (for which I apologize).

"Forbes Magazine has chosen four cities in our state among its Top 15 to raise a family.

"Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Marshfield, and Stevens Point (6th) all made the Top 15.

"Click here for more from Forbes Magazine."

However, one man's mistake can be the same man's opportunity.  One city's No. 6 ranking can become a launchpad to make it No. 1 at that and more.

In that spirit, let me reveal to our readers the things that reveals Stevens Point as a city which could rise to the top.  Let me reveal a few randomly-picked Tweeted examples from Pointers themselves.

And if I may, Stevens Point, let me be the first to offer you the #makepointnumber1 hashtag to start the campaign.  Forbes, are you "listening?"

Provide other reasons to show Forbes (and others) why they should "make Point No. 1."  (Or the other cities involved on that earlier list, too.  No reason why Fond du Lac, Manitowoc and Marshfield shouldn't show off their pride.)