Technology allows firefighters to fight fires faster

CREATED Apr 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Former Acting Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt and his family are cleaning up after a fire at the family's home over the weekend.  But it could have been worse.  Firefighters use technology today that allows them to do their job in less time.

Thermal imaging cameras allow firefighters to walk into a room and quickly scan the walls to find a fire.  They can also use the cameras to see find people who may be trapped in a burning building.

The technology likely made a difference this weekend as firefighters fought what appears to have been an electrical fire at former mayor Pratt's home. 

"When we have fires, particularly in an attic space or something like that, it's very very easy for us to not only scan the room to find out where the hot spots are, but also help us to zero in on areas for search and rescue type operations," Milwaukee Deputy Fire Chief Terry Lintonen said.

"It makes a huge difference for us in the speed at which we are able to determine where a fire might be," Lintonen said.

That time could be the difference between saving your home and belongings, or even better, you.