Spring means being alert for bicyclists

CREATED Apr 5, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - As the weather warms up, drivers are urged to be alert for bicycle riders. A number of bicyclists headed out to the lakefront trail this afternoon and others stopped by the bike expo at State Fair Park, some with memories of how bad drivers do not always respect bicyclists on the roads.

Dave Shackleton is an avid bicyclist. He says he has seen driver blow through stop signs and that has made him cautious. He says he's had friends that have been hit by vehicles.

Kevin Hardman with the Wisconsin Bike Federation says on Tuesday, bicycle lobbyists will be going to Madison to ask for stricter penalties against drivers involved in accidents with bicycle riders and pedestrians.

For now, Liza LeClaire with Wheel 'n Sprockets says you should get your bike ready for spring with the A-B-C check.

"A" means check your tires for air.

"B" means test both your left and right brakes.

"C" means look at the crank and chain for any rust, or other faults. If it's squeaking, get it lubricated.

LeClaire says even though communities in Wisconsin do not all require a helmet, she definitely recommends helmets to all riders.