Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity is working to upgrade Washington Park

CREATED Apr 5, 2013

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Scroll through the photos to see the progress being made in the neighborhood

MILWAUKEE - Work is underway to fix up Milwaukee's Washington Park. Habitat for Humanity has built several new homes in the area, but now they're also making repairs.

The group plans to renovate homes just like this one by making improvements and even building new homes, with the goal of revitalizing the Washington Park neighborhood.

Rosalind Cox is all smiles knowing her neighborhood will soon undergo a major renovation.

"Washington Park is doing a wonderful thing and Habitat for Humanity coming in,” she said. “Thank you. You are doing a wonderful thing too.”

Habitat for Humanity announced plans to invest nearly $20 million in this area over the next five years. Volunteers will build 150 new homes and also renovate homes by working with current homeowners to help with maintenance, a first for the nonprofit.

"As an organization, we're doing something that's non-traditional for Milwaukee Habitat," said executive director Brian Sonderman.

The goal is to help people stay in their homes after a rough couple of years.

"The economic downturn and the foreclosure crisis have impacted neighborhoods throughout the metro area," he explained.

Washington Park is one of the hardest hit. Now residents are hoping this is just what their neighborhood needs to get back on track.

If you're interested in becoming a homeowner, they're currently accepting applications.

Habitat for Humanity has built 500 homes in the Milwaukee area over the last three decades. You can find more information on how to participate here.