Nick Wilcox's family speaks out about his death

CREATED Apr 2, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Nick Wilcox’s family speaks for the first time since his body was pulled from the Milwaukee River.

For three months, people all across Milwaukee were looking for Nick Wilcox. His family was desperate for any information. Last Thursday, they got their answer when Nick's body was pulled from the river. But his family says this isn't over, as they remember the man they loved and continue to question what really happened.

"We found him eventually, but not the situation we wanted to," said Andrea Wilcox, Nick's sister.

Nick Wilcox's family got the call Thursday night.

"What was my gut feeling? It was probably him," said Nick's dad, Nick Wilcox, Sr. "I don't know why. You have those gut feelings as a parent, I think."

Nick disappeared after a night of drinking on New Year's Eve.

"There's peace in the fact that we have found him," said his father. "People ask if you have closure. That word is really overrated."

Police say there were no signs of trauma and they're calling the death accidental, but Nick's family finds that hard to believe.

"Did he really slip?" asked Nick's father. "What was he doing over there? None of this makes any sense."

As the family works to get those answers, they say they're grateful for the support they've received these last three months, and want every family to hold on tight to what you have.

"It made you realize how quick things can happen," he added. "How, sometimes, short life is, I guess."

The family says they're waiting on toxicology reports to come back and the case is still open.