We Energies Peregrine Falcon webcams now live

CREATED Apr 2, 2013

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Scroll through the photos to see more photos of the falcons.

MILWAUKEE - We Energies Peregrine Falcon webcams are now officially streaming for the year!

"Customers now can watch the activity inside the nest box at the Oak Creek Power Plant as well as our Pleasant Prairie Power Plant, which was the first to go live last year," said We Energies. "Our resident falcons already have produced eggs at both the Oak Creek and Pleasant Prairie sites."

You can now watch the progress of the eggs, and their expected hatching, which should happen in early May.

Watch the live webcams here.

"Customers can then follow the chicks online until they take flight!" said the company.

There will also be new chicks at many of their other sites, and you can see still photos from those locations. We Energies said that since 1992, around 20 percent of Wisconsin’s peregrine population has been hatched at We Energies facilities.

"After this nesting season, the number of falcons born at our power plants will be nearing 200," the company said.

Learn more about the company’s efforts and watch videos which detail the history of We Energies' falcon program.