Sheriff's deputy performs CPR on choking baby on the hood of his car

CREATED Mar 27, 2013 - UPDATED: Mar 27, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Mike did not want the attention that comes with a heroic act. He only agreed to be interviewed after fellow officers urged him to tell his incredible story.

Listen to the interview with Deputy Mike on Wisconsin's Afternoon News

"I don't do this for the recognition or the accolades or anything," Mike told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray. "It's a little overwhelming."

On Tuesday evening, a mom driving a black SUV made a panicked 911 call.

A dispatcher asked, "is the child breathing?"

"It's trying to cry right now and it's puking out its mouth and nose," the mother responded.

The mother is seen on Department of Transportation video stopped on the side of the freeway near the Mitchell Interchange. She pulled her seven-month-old out of the back seat. Moments later, Deputy Mike arrives. The mother rushed her baby to his arms.

"She said the baby regurgitated or brought up some food and was choking," Mike said.

Deputy Mike performed CPR on the hood of his squad for more than three minutes

"It was rather difficult," he explained. "When we do this in training, we do it on a plastic baby and it's usually pretty simple."

The infant who appeared lifeless when the deputy arrived, suddenly clinched her fist and opened her eyes.

"The Milwaukee Fire Department was rolling up," Mike explained. "They swarmed on me, tapped me out and did their thing."

16 years with the department and this is the first time the deputy used his CPR mask to save a life.

"I knew the steps I needed to do for infant CPR," Mike explained. "It just all clicked. I did those things. Everything worked out."

An ambulance rushed the baby to Children's Hospital. The child is said to be doing well.


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