Marquette fans charter bus to the Sweet 16

CREATED Mar 26, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Big excitement hit the Marquette campus Tuesday as students sent the basketball team on their way to the NCAA tournament. Some of the fanatics have blue and gold running through their veins.

The team is taking the bus as far as the airport, but a batch of dedicated student fans will take a bus all way to Washington, DC.

“I’ve grown up a Marquette fan,” said Spencer Bonahoom, a Marquette junior.

Bonahoom is as dedicated as Marquette fans comes. He was with friends last week in Lexington, and he’ll be in the arena Thursday when the Golden Eagles meet the Miami Hurricanes.

“The first game, there was maybe 10 students there total and we’re like, ‘We need to change this,’” he said. “So, we won against Butler to make it to the Sweet Sixteen and we got to get some more fans out to DC.”

Bonahoom has already signed up enough students for one bus and is now working on a second. For his three years at Marquette, they have been to three Sweet 16s.

“For a college basketball fan, to pick a school where each of your three years your team makes the Sweet 16, not a bad pick,” Bonahoom said. “Not a bad pick at all.”