Inmate charged with felony for assaulting Milwaukee Co. cellmate

CREATED Mar 22, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A woman from Brown Deer could find herself spending more time in jail after allegedly assaulting a fellow prisoner.

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According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department, Andrea Brown, 26, is an inmate at the Milwaukee County Criminal Justice Facility for Fraud on a Taxicab. Her cellmate at the jail was around 120 pounds, while Brown is 300 pounds.

Her cellmate reports that Brown "became upset for unknown reasons and grabbed [her] by her neck and hair and started swining [her] around the cell." According to the criminal complaint, she then shoved her head in the toilet.

Brown reportedly started choking her cellmate, while yelling "I'm going to kill you... Why don't you just die!"

Two correctional officers said they were outside the cell but did not have keys to the cell, so they tried to stop the attack until an officer with keys arrived. The officers struggled with Brown, and finally stopped her with the help of a stun gun.

The victim "suffered pain, scratches, and a bite mark on her back that broke the skin."

Brown was charged with Battery by Prisoners, a felony, and could face up to six years in prison.