Sources: Man accused of killing wife may be getting special treatment

CREATED Mar 21, 2013 - UPDATED: Mar 21, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Five correctional officers are off the job, and one has already been fired. And if sheriff Clarke gets his way he wants them all off the payroll for good, for showing special treatment to an inmate.

Benjamin Sebena sits in jail where he's been since the Christmas Eve murder of his wife, Wauwatosa police officer, Jennifer Sebena. But according to memos from the sheriff's office, the jail employees are in trouble for insubordination, neglect of duty and fraternizing with Sebena, among other things.

Those suspended include Lt. Cheri Schmitz, officer Corrine Ehmke, officer Michael Wilkinson and officer Marlon Hannah. The fifth officer Jeffery Overholt was fired immediately because he was still on his probationary period.

They are all accused of talking to Sebena and helping him out while on he was suicide watch. The I-TEAM's sources say all five brought Sebena special items, like candy and other foods he wasn't suppose to have. Sources say those visiting Sebena would leave money on a second inmate's commissary, and that inmate would buy the items for Sebena. The officers are accused of transferring the sweets.

This week, the sheriff's office denied our open records request of the 51 people who are stopping by the jail for visits.

This internal investigation will determine if the officers will return to work and whether those visiting Sebena were in on the scheme.

Right now, the officer's suspensions are without pay and they must go before a review board. The sheriff's office has no comment on any open internal investigation.