Gov. Walker writes letter to group asking to include officer Jennifer Sebena's name on memorial

CREATED Mar 21, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Governor Scott Walker has written a letter to Craig Floyd, the CEO of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, asking for fallen Wauwatosa police officer Jennifer Sebena's name to be included on the national fallen officer memorial.

"Officer Sebena's death was very personal to me as she was on duty - patrolling the neighborhood where I live with my family in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin - on the night she was killed," he wrote. "The location where she was gunned down is just behind the home of one of my pastors and just a block away from where my youngest son attends Wauwatosa East High School."

He asks the organization to re-consider the original decision they made not to include Sebena's name because of her death's alleged link to domestic violence.

"Officer Sebena was protecting the citizens of Wauwatosa on December 24, 2012 when she was ambushed," Walker continued. "It should not matter who committed the murder as the act was taken against a police officer on duty."