Milwaukee's pothole problems growing

CREATED Mar 20, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - If it seems like potholes have been worse this year than before, you're right.

A winter of thawing and freezing has left behind lots of potholes everywhere from the city street to the suburbs.

Just how bad is it? We asked "Bob Uecker."

We mounted cameras on the outside of the car and a bobblehead of Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Voice of the Brewers on the dashboard to find potholes.

Our first encounter was on Fond du Lac Avenue. A bumpy ride for Bob.

Next up, 27th Street just north of Wisconsin Avenue.

What do you think of those potholes Bob?


"I've seen worse but it's not good," said Jim Weise.

"I think they are worse than ever," said Ken Mitsche.

So who's right? TODAY'S TMJ4 checked the numbers.

Milwaukee has a hotline for people to call in pothole complaints.

In 2011 and 2012, the Department of Public Works received more than 1900 complaints each year through March 15th.

But so far this year, more than 2400 have called the pothole hotline.

DPW says it has about a dozen two man crews filling potholes everyday.

"Lincoln Avenue has got to be the worse that I've been down," said Mitsche. "I'm sure there are others that are worse."

So, until spring arrives and the real Bob Uecker returns to calling games at Miller Park, look out for those potholes.

Some of them might be "just a bit outside."