Brewers prepare Miller Park for Opening Day

CREATED Mar 19, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It may not feel like baseball weather, but we are less than two weeks from opening day at Miller Park.

"Regardless what the weather is, they know we have a roof. They know it's going to be temperate inside," said Rick Schlesinger, Brewers Executive Vice President.

If you're sick of looking at all the snow piles, come to Miller Park where they have fresh green grass.

The Brewers have added three new areas to the park. What used to be the Home Plate Lounge is now the Skyy Lounge, but you have to be a suite ticket holder to enjoy.

"Fans in Milwaukee love to go to the games, they love new experiences and love to mingle with friends and family," Schlesinger said.

For groups there's also the dew deck with a rock climbing wall, and the Miller Lite Party Deck. Of course the racing sausages are warmed up and ready for the season.