Packers fans "can't stomach" Jennings move to Vikings

CREATED Mar 15, 2013

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GREEN BAY, WI--As Greg Jennings prepares to play in purple next season, Packers' fans are taking in the big news.

Fans say they're disappointed. They wish Jennings hadn't signed with a big rival team. But many say they'll always respect him as a player and a person.

"I really dislike the Vikings so it is hard to stomach" said Packers fan Greg Dobbs.

Green Bay fans say they knew Greg Jennings would likely leave the Packers, but not like this.

"I wish it wasn't the Vikings. Like when Farve went there. But he's playing football and that's what he wants to do" said fan Brett Saari.

But Packer Backers are confident the green and gold will play well without Jennings.

"With their receiving corps I think they will be fine" said Dobbs.

Jennings was injured for a good part of last season, and the team adjusted.

"With Jordy Nelson and Jones stepping up it gave them a lot more options and Cobb having the year he did they have more depth now" said Saari.

But they say the community will miss him. He's touched a lot of lives.

"He wrote a note one time for my students saying "stay in school -it's good, I went to school, look where I am now, school is a very positive place" said fan Natalie Fass, who is a teacher.

And Packers fans are already looking forward to Jennings' first game back at Lambeau wearing purple.

"I think there is still a lot of respect for him but you gotta boo him cuz he's in a Vikings jersey" said Saari.

Fans say while the news of Jennings going to Minnesota is painful, it doesn't come close to when Brett Favre joined the Vikings back in 2009.


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