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Mission of love for local girl scout helping uncle with MS

CREATED Mar 15, 2013

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She worked hard to help her uncle suffering from a horrible disease.  Now that hard work has paid off.  At one point it seemed insurmountable.  Sell 2,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, but one little girl's big heart motivated strangers to pitch in and make it happen.

They have been living and breathing nothing but Girl Scout cookies in the Olson household.
Sell 2,000 boxes and 8-year-old Callie wins a MacBook computer.  "There were so many times when I thought there's no way we can do this," her mom Julie told us.  
The real reason behind all this work is what kept them going.  Callie wanted to win the computer for her uncle.  "I didn't realize what was happening with him mattered to her, and that she was listening when we were talking about it."
Julie's younger brother has an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis.  A violinist he used a MacBook to mix music, until it stopped working.  "I just wanted to be nice," Callie said shyly.
Julie shared what they were doing on Facebook and sales took off.  "Strangers organized people in their office to buy cookies. So many people came together for just a good cause."
It was hard work, and it came down to the wire but Callie never gave up.  "I'm an iron kid.  I can do anything."  Something Callie's mom and uncle never doubted.  "I get choked up; it was really special," Julie said.
Callie has officially sold 2,077 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  She's looking forward to giving her uncle his new computer.