West Allis Police investigating two brothers in burglary ring

CREATED Mar 14, 2013

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WEST ALLIS - Police break up a big burglary ring. A store and two brothers could be the center of the investigation.

In surveillance video, you see a suspect casing a home. Minutes later, he breaks the back door window, goes inside, and runs out with what he wants. It's just one in a string of recent home burglaries in West Allis and Milwaukee. Suzanne Gieschen's home was also hit as she and her husband were at bible class one Sunday.

"My one and only gold necklace that I own that he bought me in Greece, that they found," said Suzanne Gieschen.

In search warrants, Karl Anderson told authorities the owner of West Allis Wireless sends kids out to steal electronics, then buys the stolen merchandise. Despite an open sign and the lights on, the door was locked and nobody answered the phone.

But that wasn't the end of Anderson's story in the search warrant. He told police a young man admitted to at least 4 of the burglaries. But a partial license plate outside one crime scene broadened the suspect pool. The car came back to Quentin Griffin,that young man's brother. According to a criminal complaint, Griffin admitted to drivng a stolen car and trying to break into James Judkin's house back in January.

"It's obvious they just watch to see if nobody's home, knock on the door, no answer, break a window," Judkins said.

We want to stress, at this point, the search warrants are simply for DNA for the two brothers. The younger is in custody as is Mr. Anderson.