MPD investigation rules case of teen who claimed beating by police is closed

CREATED Mar 14, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A teen said he was badly injured by officers, but now an internal investigation by police says it's a closed case.

Jordon Cain said he had no idea Milwaukee Police wrapped up its investigation. Even his attorney hasn't seen the completed report, which concludes the officers did not use excessive force when making that arrest. But it’s now apparent that one of those officers involved has a controversial past.

Back in February, Jordon Cain filed complaints when his face ended up badly bruised after getting taken to the ground and sprayed by two Milwaukee police officers during an arrest.

“One grabbed my right hand,” he said. “The other grabbed my other arm so they both grabbed me, and from there I was thrown to the ground.”

Portions of that arrest were captured on grainy store surveillance video. Cain said he was chewing gum, but the officers in the police report said they thought he swallowed drugs. An internal affairs report, just released, said the cops did not use excessive force when making the arrest.

Attorney Robin Shellow represents Cain, and said she did not allow him to cooperate with the investigation once she discovered Officer Ted Puente was one of the accused cops.

“This man is very, very dangerous and Jordon Cain is one the luckiest kids in Milwaukee,” she said.

Back in 2008, Officer Puente made news when he pepper-sprayed and pistol whipped Matthew Pekrun. He then shot him three times. The off-duty cop believed Pekrun was breaking into a car. After three mistrials, the accused burglar was sentenced to time served. And Shellow believes the finding in Cain's case is no shock, especially since the dashcam video did not have audio of the incident that day.

“Am I surprised there's no audio,” she said. “No!”

Shellow says she doesn't trust MPD. Her client will talk and she will hear from the officers when they go to court on the resisting arrest charges.

“I will be seeking an introduction of a character trait of violence on behalf of Officer Puente,” she said.

Cain is only charged with resisting arrest, and police did not find drugs on him. But police said he admitted to ingesting drugs. Cain denies that claim.

The report says the officer actions were lawful and proper, but MPD has yet to release that final report.