Milwaukee neighborhood upset over streets in disrepair

CREATED Mar 14, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Is it a sinkhole or pot hole? That answer changes depending on who you talk to.

The hole on 12th and Cleveland is just one of many recently patched on the block. Neighbors and the city agree this is the extreme. But they don't agree on how it got here and whether this block is safe.

“It was very dangerous,” said Dominic Wink.

Wink knows firsthand. He nearly lost control of his car when the pavement broke apart after he pulled onto the block.

“I kind of flew over the hole after my front tire hit and my rear tire caught the edge of it,” he said.

There's no doubt this hole is big it's more than seven feet long. The city says it's only three feet deep and they consider this to be a pot hole not a sinkhole.

“If a car can become air-borne or if someone can fall in and get seriously injured it's not a pothole,” Wink said.

“We haven't received a lot of calls regarding the 2600 block of 12th street,” said Jeff Delleman, the DPW Street and Bridge Manager.

But neighbors say they've complained for years.

“It's been for the last five six years,” said Robert Hollenbeck.

With the latest problem, neighbors fear the entire street may be unsafe.

“Is it going to take someone dying before they fix a street?” Wink asked. “It's kind of ridiculous to me.”

DPW sent crews out Thursday and said tests confirmed there wasn't any moisture beneath the surface.

“The dye test came back negative meaning none of the sewer pipes underneath there were cracked open or had any issues,” Delleman said.

But Wink wants more research done.

“I think they need to investigate a little far,” he said.

DPW said this hole likely came from water main break a few days back on Cleveland.