South Side water main break finally fixed

CREATED Mar 14, 2013 - UPDATED: Mar 15, 2013

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  • Video by wtmj.com

  • Video by wtmj.com


MILWAUKEE - Neighbors on Milwaukee's south side had a tough time getting ready for work Friday morning after waking up with no water.

However, crews finally fixed the water main break that caused the service outage.

Milwaukee Department of Public Works crews spent the overnight hours trying to fix the break at the corner of South 22nd Street and West Grange Avenue.

DPW Spokeswoman Sandy Rusch Walton told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Jon Byman that people in the area who were affected should "turn on their cold water tap.  Turn on slowly.  Turn on all your faucets and let the water run for a while."

What the city first thought would be a few hours of neighbors having no water on Thursday turned into a major inconvenience. 

It's not what Sarah Landkowski expected when she got home Thursday.
"We can't go to the bathroom in our own house," she said.
Landkowski said neighbors on their left have water but no one else, and their stretch of Grange Avenue is blocked off.  Landkowski won't be able to get her car in the driveway.
"It was blocked off so we had to go around a different way and that side was blocked off so we had to park on 20th Street," she said.
City crews had to set up lights to continue their work.  Once they got under the street and saw the damage they realized this was going to take a while.
Neighbors say this is really the first problem they've had on their street in years, but it was still an inconvenience.
"It's rather unexpected and when you have out of town company it's not the most pleasant thing to go through,"  one neighbor said.
But she was prepared.  She went out and picked up bottled water and has extra, just in case.
"I want my coffee in the morning," the neighbor added.