Milwaukee police officer's quick thinking saves man's life

CREATED Mar 14, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee police officer saved a man's life, and is now being called a hero.

A woman took her son to a fire station to get help, but they were out on a call. So the woman ran next door to the police department, where an officer saved her son’s life.

“Theres a crowd around the subject that was laying on the ground,” said Sgt. Stephen Chin with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Chin didn’t think twice when a woman came to get help for son at the District Four police station. His heart stopped beating.

“I can see the eyes we're open they were rolled back,” he said. “[I] immediately reached down didn't feel a pulse.”

The man in his 50s wasn't breathing, and Chin, who has 10 years experience as an EMT, was ready to use the defibrillator.

“I laid it down next to him, popped the clips,” he said. “Very, very simple the pads are kept within this case.”

Chin didn’t waste any time. He started CPR while the defibrillator warmed up.

The defibrillator indicated a shock we delivered that,” Chin said. “There was a weak pulse that was present.”

But, the pulse stopped. The defibrillator was ready to deliver another shock.

“By then the fire department had arrived up after three cycles of the defibrillator and chest compressions,” Chin added. “And they took over for us.”

If it wasn't for Chin the man would have died, but he's now recovering in the hospital. So far, the two have no plans to meet each other, but that could change.

“I'm glad I was there for him,” Chin said. “I'm glad he's doing well. I heard that he's a veteran as I am.”

Chin said he was thinking of everything he knows to do to save this man, and that there was no time for fear.