Sinkholes an ongoing problem in South Side Milwaukee neighborhood

CREATED Mar 13, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A big sinkhole opened up Wednesday morning on the South Side.  People are being told to avoid the area of 12th and Cleveland. 

It's a problem neighbors say has been going on for years. Nancy Wink's son was driving up 12th when the concrete gave way.
"All of a sudden he said he hit, and a hole opened up," she said.  His back wheel got stuck in the hole; he was able to get the car out, but it's not drivable."
Wink said it's part of a bigger problem on this street.
"Something's obviously washing the ground away," she said.
Neighbors have complained multiple times to the city over the years as sinkhole after sinkhole has opened up on their block.
Robert Hollenbeck has lived in this neighborhood 35 years.
"It's been for the last five six years they fix it then it's another sinkhole," he said, wondering why this keeps happening. "We pay our taxes. You'd think they would put good product down there."
Wink told us the city has looked into it and come up with nothing.
"I think there's leaks under there somewhere and they're not finding them," she said.
This time around the hole in the ground hit a little too close to home.
"If he would have gotten stuck there I think the weight of his car would have opened it up and he would have been down five feet," Wink added.
The Department of Public Works did not respond to what neighbors call an ongoing problem.  Wink is now wondering who is going to pay for the damage to her son's car.