Local teens bringing YouTube prank to local stores to clean up

CREATED Mar 13, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A prank involving milk is being done at local stores. Gallons of milk are tossed in the air, and an unsuspecting shopper thinks the prankster actually fell. But, some people dont find it funny.

Milk smashing has gone viral, and it's supposed to get you to laugh.

A video was shot with a cell phone camera inside a Racine Walmart store. Jarod Adolph was the one smashing the milk, and a friend is filming it.

“We were just looking at, I think they were milk jug pranks on YouTube and we just it would be a cool idea because we were
bored,” said Adolph.

Adolph claims he's pulled the same prank three times before at other food retailers like Target. He says it's not a hard prank to do, and he and his buddy got a good laugh out of it.

But not everyone finds it funny, and milk is expensive.

A Racine County man tweeted about Adolph's prank and wants him to be charged with a crime. Racine police wouldn't talk on camera, but said it's up to the individual store to press charges against the pranksters.

Target issued a statement, saying: “At Target the safety and security of our guests and team members is a top priority. We take these safety incidents very seriously and are partnering with law enforcement.”

Adolph acted as though the cost to stores and the fact people have to clean up his messes don’t bother him. If Target does press charges, he could face a $500 dollar fine, and even jail time.