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Kenosha County firefighters appear on NBC hit "Chicago Fire"

CREATED Mar 13, 2013

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TOWN OF SALEM - Kerrie Neumann is a busy lady--rushing from her day job as a compliance analyst to her night gig as a part-time firefighter at the Town of Salem Fire Rescue in Kenosha County!  Now she can add a new title to her resume:  Actress!

Kerrie and fellow firefighter Jim Coppelman both recently worked as extras on the set of the NBC hit 'Chicago Fire'.

"It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed myself," Kerrie beams.

Kerrie first saw the casting call on Facebook.  "So I sent them my picture, and within 5 minutes the guy calls me, and I'm like whooaa!"

Jim has been fighting fires for decades, and admits it was weird for him to standby for hours while others did most of the work.

"The production people, that's a fast-moving life--really work long, hard hours," Jim recalls.

Don't try to find him in any episodes.  As Jim explains, "The episode I was in actually got cut, it didn't air, but I know I was there."

Kerrie was luckier.  She played an EMT and her scene made the cut--even if just for a few seconds!

"It's surprising, because we were out there 6 1/2 hours and if you blink you miss the scene we were in," Kerrie says.

She also got to schmooze with the stars.  Kerrie recalls, "I had a great conversation with David Eigenberg about jelly bellys... yeah, he doesn't like 'em."

Don't call these two star-struck though.  Kerrie and Jim both say they'd play TV again, but know their true role is to protect and serve the residents of Kenosha County.

"I always had a need to help people, things were always happening in front of me," Jim says.

Kerrie adds, "It's what we do... we're trained to do it, we react, and we are a team."

The show specifically asks for real firefighters on the casting call, not just actors.  Several other firefighters in our area have also been extras in past episodes.

See what all the buzz is about. 'Chicago Fire' is on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. right here on TODAY'S TMJ4.