Milwaukee Catholics respond to conclave beginning, Dolan's chances

CREATED Mar 12, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Speculation has abounded for weeks that former Milwaukee Archbishop and New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan is in the running to become the next Pope.  

Catholics in Milwaukee and across the world are taking part in that speculation as they wait to find out who will serve the Catholic Church as its new leader.

"I think the church leaders there are interested in bringing the Church to the 21st century, maybe having a Pope from a different continent," said Stephen Hannon, a Catholic, to TODAY'S TMJ4's Melissa McCrady.

However, Dolan admits he's a long shot.

"I ran out of socks, so I'm ready to go home," he joked.

Though many in Milwaukee would love to see Dolan as the Pontiff, others, including Hannon, aren't so sure.

"That might actually not be good," said Hannon.

"We're the last remaining superpower.  If we also had control of the Catholic Church, the rest of the might not sit well with them, so we might have to balance power elsewhere."

As of two weeks ago, it was said that his odds of winning the Papacy were shrinking.

However, his odds have now increased to 20-1, according to an oddsmaker out of Ireland.

Those same oddsmakers have risen the odds of former La Crosse bishop and current Cardinal Raymond Burke to 16-1.