New regulations in place for Milwaukee County Courthouse

CREATED Mar 10, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Anyone heading to the Milwaukee County Courthouse should make extra time.
There are new security measures in place that could drastically delay getting into buildings. It's almost like the hassle we've come to expect when traveling through the friendly skies. Starting Monday morning, boots and belts will need to come off as part of the new regulations.
"Usually it takes like 30 seconds for me to go through because I don't have any metal," courthouse visitor Abigail Charles says.
"But, that took almost two minutes for one person."
This past weekend, Sheriff David Clarke rode in the St. Patrick's Day parade. Just days earlier, Sheriff Clarke assigned deputies to stand at each checkpoint after he says an undercover deputy got past multiple screeners with a hidden handgun. Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele acknowledged that security could be better.
"He's saying there's an issue with public safety," Abele says. "I'm saying we do take it seriously."
There is one exception.
Screeners told us athletic shoes with no metal get a free pass and don't have to be taken off.