Women as Catholic priests? 'That's outside the realm of possibility' says one expert

CREATED Mar 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Some Catholics are hoping a the new pope will make some bold, progressive decisions.

Perhaps women priests?

"We're part of the body of Christ, and it makes no sense that only men can lead our church," said Therese Koturbash, international coordinator of womenpriests.org. "The body of christ is comprised of men and women so why should men occupy the sacred ministry of our church?"

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"It makes no sense," she said.

The idea of women becoming priests isn't even on the church's radar, according to one observer.

"That's outside the realm of possibility," said Marquette University's Dr. William Thorn. "The reaction when this [topic] comes up has always been a very quick dismissal."

"It's a no go," he added.

The new pope is more likely to consider allowing priests to marry, according to Thorn.

"[Allowing priests to wed] is a subject that seems to keep prodding the upper level of the church for discussion," he said. "A new pope could come in and say it's time to have a full discussion and see where things lie."