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Police: Former Sheboygan mayor mentioned calling in favors when he was arrested

CREATED Mar 8, 2013

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  • Video by wtmj.com

  • Video by wtmj.com


KIEL - Kiel Police Chief Dave Funkhouser said it was sketchy driving that caught the eye of one of his officers last weekend in the arrest of former Sheboygan mayor Bob Ryan.

“The vehicle crossed completely over the center line, by almost one half of a car length,” Funkhouser told Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s Jodie Becker.

The police chief said Ryan did not have an ID with him, but told officers who he was and that he had been drinking. His car registration was also expired. He refused a field sobriety test and a blood alcohol test, but once Ryan was arrested, cops tested his blood anyways.

During the arrest, the officer said Ryan mentioned calling in favors, saying, "I should've called Mayor Werdeo. He was there at the bar earlier. Probably would've solved the problem. But you don't call in favors all the time."

Ryan was presumably speaking of Kiel Mayor Robert Werdeo.

The former mayor also mentioned that if his blood alcohol content was probably around a "1 something" (.08 is the legal limit to drive). When asked when he stopped drinking, he said "When you pulled me over."

Around 1:15 a.m., when he was taken to the Manitowac County Jail, he mentioned that he wished the female officer had arrested him instead, reportedly saying she was "hot" and "smoking," and that he would commit a violation just to be arrested by her.

“To me it was a drunk driving arrest, it didn’t matter to me who Mr. Ryan used to be,” Funkhouser added.

The blood alcohol results are currently being processed in Madison by the state.