Busy pre-St. Patrick's Day weekend in Milwaukee

CREATED Mar 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - St. Patrick's Day celebrations kick off Friday in Milwaukee.

It begins amidst hot spots that will be difficult to maneuver around, along with worries about safety.

Thousands were expected to celebrate for the first of two Irish-themed weekends, with Saturday bringing Milwaukee's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

It might be a challenge to find seating for the downtown event, with all the snow mounds on the sidewalks.

However, parade organizer Stacy Callies isn't worried.

"We know our parade-goers are very resourceful.  Coming to a parade in March, you never know what conditions are going to be like.  I'm sure they'll be prepared to brush snow off the curb line, put their chairs and blankets there and have a great experience," said Callies on TODAY'S TMJ4's "Live at Daybreak."

Parking could also offer a challenge due to snow.  Click here for parking lot information for downtown Milwaukee.

Callies said that people could park in the lots for The Shops of Grand Avenue for $3 on Saturday.

The Shamrock Shuffle Pub Crawl was also expected to draw thousands of people to area bars on North Avenue and Water Street Saturday Night.

People have given the event the nickname of "The Shamrock Stumble" because people get so drunk.

In 2012, Thomas Hecht disappeared after a pub crawl.

His body was found a short time later in the Milwaukee River.

The Milwaukee Police Department plans to have extra patrols on Saturday night.

People who live in the area complained to the Common Council earlier this week about the pub crawl.

"In the past people have urinated on our house, people have wondered into the backyard drunk," said John Bleidorn, who lives in the area.

"Make sure that everyone has a good time, but to make sure that good time doesn't become someone else's bad time, or worse yet, becomes fatal," explained Nik Kovac of the Milwaukee Common Council.