McDonald's employee calls police on alleged drunk drive thru customer

CREATED Mar 6, 2013

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OAK CREEK - Who hasn't needed a late night snack from time to time? But one guy's attempt to buy a burger was the worst decision he made, and it landed him in jail.

Oak Creek police got their Saturday off to a fast start. They found themselves racing west on Ryan Road in pursuit of a man so determined to get away, he thought he actually could.

We all know how these stories end - the bad guy winds up in handcuffs. So what's interesting about this one? It would be how it started.

Before the chase hit the lanes of Ryan Road, it started in the lane of a McDonald's drive thru. One of the employees working early Saturday morning saw the man at the wheel was so intoxicated, they called 911 and reported him as a drunk driver.

When police arrived, one tried to approach the apparently drunk driver, and that's when he took off.

From drive-thru, to driving through Oak Creek, until he bailed in Franklin.

A less than two-minute chase that moved the drive from the front seat, to the back seat. But not without a fight.

Police haven't released the driver's name, though they did say his blood alcohol level was .18, and this was his second arrest for drunk driving. But it is his first arrest for eluding police.