Chief Flynn responds to Clarke's letter: 'I'm not bickering with anybody. I do actual police work'

CREATED Mar 6, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Sheriff Clarke sent a letter to a powerful republican senator last week apologizing for Chief Flynn’s testimony on Capitol Hill. Chief Flynn is dismissing the accusations that he lacked dignity when he squared off with that senator.

The gun control confrontation happened between Milwaukee’s police chief and South Carolina republican Lindsey Graham that attracted national attention.

It was just revealed that Milwaukee county sheriff David Clarke sent an apology letter to the senator. Clarke said it was on behalf of his constituents.

Clarke called the chief's behavior “embarrassing”, saying the senator should not see Flynn's “arrogance” as exemplary of the people of Milwaukee County and that the chief's “viewpoint does not represent” many in the community.

Sheriff Clarke turned down TODAY’S TMJ4’s request for an interview, but a spokesperson said the sheriff's words in the letter speak for themselves.

"It's hard to suppress a smile when I get lectures on deportment from David Clarke," said Chief Flynn.

Flynn says unlike Clarke, his gun control views represent mainstream, major city police chiefs.

"Listen, I'm not bickering with anybody,” Flynn added. “I do actual police work. He doesn't. The bickering is one sided. One guy writes letters, another person heads a major law enforcement agency that makes 10,000 felony arrests a year."

Clarke has also been at odds with Milwaukee county executive Chris Abele.