Loved ones mourn toddler who died in Walworth Co. pit bull attack

CREATED Mar 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Mar 6, 2013

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WALWORTH - A community is taking Thursday to mourn the loss of a a little boy in Walworth County who was mauled and killed by two pit bulls.

Family friends said a woman was babysitting Dax when her dogs lost control. They say he was a beautiful little boy with loving parents who deserved better.

Dax, 14 months old, was at his babysitter's apartment in Walworth County when something went wrong. Susan Iwicki's two pit bulls attacked.

Susan, 30, dialed 911, but in the end, there was nothing they could do. Dax died less than three hours later. It's hard for Nicole Jennison to accept...she also used to babysit the child.

"He is adorable, absolutely adorable,” she said.

Sandra Berg works with Dax's father. It was all she could do to fight through the emotion and find the words to say how much she cares about the family.

“I just want you guys to know you have a huge support system and we're all here for you," she said.

Back at the property, the owner wouldn't comment about what happened and we were told to leave by a man who pulled into the driveway. The dogs were taken to a local vet and put down. But now, it's about remembering this precious little boy.

"[He had the] biggest eyes, great smile,” said family friend Valerie Brylow. “He was a great little boy."

A sweet soul, taken far too soon.

"Hold your family close tonight,” Brylow added. “Life is very short obviously."

The investigation into the case is still open.

There was no initial word as to whether the babysitter faces any criminal charges.

Friends are hoping to organize a benefit for the family. As soon as the details are finalized, we'll let you know how you can help.

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