Air marshals ask TSA to reconsider new rules, call flight attendants "sitting ducks"

CREATED Mar 6, 2013

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  • Photo by Mike De Sisti / MDESISTI@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM Image by Mike De Sisti

WASHINGTON - Federal Air Marshals and flight attendants are angered over the TSA's decision to allow small pocketknives back in aircraft cabins.

Air travelers will also be allowed to bring billiard cues, ski poles, hockey and lacrosse sticks and golf clubs into aircraft cabins as carry-on baggage.

The head of the air marshal unit of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association said "flight attendants are going to be sitting ducks."

A union representing 90,000 flight attendants called the measure "a poor and short-sighted decision."

Both groups say they will ask the agency to reconsider the policy.