Sheriff orders more security at courthouse after undercover deputy makes it through security with a gun

CREATED Mar 6, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Because of a recent shooting at a courthouse in Delaware, Sheriff Clarke decided to test the "integrity" of the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

"An undercover deputy, who carried no credentials or other law enforcement identifiers, was able to get through the secure checkpoint at all six entrances into the complex with a gun tucked in her waistband without security discovering the weapon after she set off the walk-through magnetometer," said the sheriff in a statement.

According to the sheriff, security personnel are required to perform a "more a more thorough inspection" any time the alarm was set off. But in this case, the deputy was asked to show the source of the metal and when she showed her belt buckle, she was allowed through. Sheriff Clarke said this happened at each of the six checkpoint locations.

"Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. ordered sheriff’s deputies posted at each security checkpoint in the court house complex until he is convinced that weapons cannot get through," Clarke said in his statement. "He will also put forth a report of recommendations to the county executive on ways to make the complex a more secure environment."