Webcam helps Waukesha business owner catch alleged crooks

CREATED Mar 6, 2013

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WAUKESHA - Webcam technology helped a business owner in Waukesha catch two men allegedly trying to burglarize his store, while he was 80 miles away from his store.

Del Singh was able to catch them without leaving home, and he said he was shocked his surveillance system at the BP gas station on Lincoln Avenue worked so well.

Singh told TODAY'S TMJ4's Nick Montes that the men came to the back door.  They found it locked, but pried it open.

Surveillance video showed the men wearing black as they went into Singh's safe at the convenience store.

Singh was watching a live feed of the burglary.

"I'm very surprised that they broke in, in the first place.  It's a very small store with remote surveillance and the alarm system we have in place," said Singh.

The alarm company tipped off the owner to the break-in.

He called Waukesha Police, but he said not being at the store right away was frustrating.

"They had a perimeter set up. They believe the individuals were still in the store. They were hiding.  At one point they were in my office."

Police eventually arrested Marcel Bois and Michael Demont.

They say the men stole several thousand dollars.

Singh watched the whole thing unfold on his screen, and he pointed police in the right direction.

"Trying to find a way out whether it was through the roof, or running out the back door, then running back's pretty entertaining," said Singh.

One of the suspects tripped the fire alarm.  THat set off sprinklers in the store, causing a flood.

That forced both suspects outside the station and into police custody.

It also caused damage to computer equipment for the car was that was to open this week, but that opening has been delayed.

If both men are convicted, they could face several years behind bars.