Sheriff Clarke apologizes to senator for Police Chief Flynn's gun testimony

CREATED Mar 5, 2013

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WASHINGTON - Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke sent a letter to a Republican Senator for Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn's testimony in a senate hearing last week.

According to the Journal Sentinel, Clarke sent the letter "on behalf of my constituents" saying that Flynn had been "rude" and "embarrassing" when testifying against assault weapons.

"Please do not see (Flynn's) arrogance as exemplary of the people of Milwaukee County," Clarke said, according to the newspaper.

Flynn responded to Clarke's letter.

"I'm not interested in getting into a feud with a politician trying to raise funds for his next campaign," he said. "While David A. Clarke Jr. is certainly entertaining on these important topics he hasn't proven relevant to a serious discussion of the issues. The data continue to show that no one has more to say about law enforcement in Milwaukee County and less to actually do with it than Sheriff Clarke."

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