Azana shooter's father speaks

CREATED Mar 2, 2013

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BROOKFIELD - New information continues to emerge, after authorities release the entire 600 page police report - into the killing spree at the spa. Details include conversations the killer is said to have had with his father beforehand.

Radcliffe Haughton's father lives in Florida but spoke to TODAY'S TMJ4 by phone Saturday evening.

He had not heard new details released in the hundreds of pages of police reports and is frustrated by some of what he learned.

The months since his son, Radcliffe Haughton Jr. opened fire killing three inside Brookfield's Azana Salon and Spa have been difficult for Radcliffe Sr.

"It's been very hard on of all of us."

Newly released police reports reveal Haughton told a friend about his plan to kill just five days before the shooting.

"She's not the only one I'm going to get," he said, referring to wife, Zina. That friend, Jeffrey Simmons told police Radcliffe made further statements about sitting on a hill and "picking them off one by one." Simmons said Radcliffe also had shown him a photo of himself that
appeared to be a booking photo and stated, "this photo will be the photo they will use", referring to himself as a suspect.

Simmons told police he tried to help Radcliffe with his problems.

Radcliffe's father was shocked to hear the details.

"It's very frustrating to me, these things that are coming out now."

Radcliffe Sr. hasn't read the now completed reports and tells me he's frustrated hearing a friend didn't report the concerning comments.

"Something like that and somebody didn't raise the red flag, shame on them because when somebody threatens things like that, that's not good."

That same friend told police he heard Radcliffe tell his father on the phone a day earlier, "If I had a gun, I would shoot her."

But Radcliffe Sr. says that's not true.

"I didn't know they were going through this real domestic problem. He didn't talk to me, his father, about those things."

He only knew his son was struggling. Earlier that month Radcliffe called saying he needed to get out of Wisconsin. His father told him to come to Florida and clear his head.

"But he didn't use the opportunity. He said 'Yes, dad, that sound's like a good idea.' And that was the last time I spoke with him."

Police reports indicate other family members knew about domestic issues. Haughton's brother told police he was "concerned for Zina's safety for some time, but Radcliffe seemed to pull it back together and seemed to be doing ok."

That brother, Robert Haughton, would be Radcliffe's last phone call before killing himself.

Radcliffe Sr. tells TODAY'S TMJ4 his family continues to pray for the families of all those affected.

He also repeatedly expressed apologies for his son's action.