Someone in custody after shooting at Racine convenience store

CREATED Mar 1, 2013

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  • The man pictured allegedly shot the owner of Twins Foods Mart in the shoulder.

RACINE - Racine police say they have someone in custody in connection to a shooting at a convenience store. One of the store's owners is recovering after being shot.

More photos of the suspect

The owner of the store said that he's looking at customers a little more closely after a man walked in and opened fire on Thursday.

A day after Bashar Qedan was shot, his brother says he wanted to stop by their family's convenience store.

“He was shot at in the upper shoulder near his neck,” said Karim Qedan. “The bullet went through his shoulder.”

Karim Qedan says doctors won't remove the bullet until the swelling goes down.

“He's happy,” said Karim. “You know, happy to be alive.”

Store cameras got a good shot of the suspect holding a hand gun. Karim says the man was in the store before the shooting.

“The guy was drunk,” he said. “He was belligerent, talking bad things, swearing to all the customers.”

They escorted him out, but they say he came back hours later and opened fire, hitting Basar behind the counter.

“First thing I did was quickly lock the door because I did not want him to come back,” Karim said. “And the second thing was I just made sure my brother was okay.”

The suspect wasn't just caught on tape inside the store, but possibly in the city. There is a city-owned camera near the store.

Police confirm they have someone in custody in connection to the shooting but won't say if it is that suspect that opened fire inside Twins Food Mart.

“We've been here for 12 years and never had one issue,” said Karim.

Bashar Quedan will be out at least a week before returns back to work.