Kidnappers of Guido, the Brewers' Italian racing sausage, send apology

CREATED Feb 28, 2013

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  • Guido, the Racing Italian Sausage, leads the pack during a race at Miller Park. Image by Journal Sentinel files

CEDARBURG - Guido, the Brewers' Italian racing sausage, was returned Wednesday night after reportedly being taken on Feb. 16. But it looks like that isn't the end of the story.

Ted Berg, a USA Today reporter, was sent a letter Thursday morning from the suspected kidnappers.

"Sorry I'm such a sauced weenie," said the letter. "You probably think I'm the wurst. I started feeling the heat as the police began to ketchup by connecting the links. I know it was a greasy move so here I am. Donate the mustard and drink the beer. Take me back to the Land of the Brew… Much Love, ur Cedarburg Crew."

Berg also received a video of Guido (doing the Harlem Shake).

You can watch the video, and see the full USA Today report, here.

You can watch Guido talk about his ordeal on Live at Daybreak Friday morning.