Chief Flynn: Assault weapons create 'slow-motion mass murder'

CREATED Feb 28, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Police are at 28th and Atkinson investigating a shooting that happened earlier Thursday afternoon. Police Chief Ed Flynn addressed the media after, only a day after he testified before a Senate committee.

During the shooting, a man shot a crowd with an assault weapon, hitting a man and a woman. Police pursued the 48-year-old man and took him into custody.

Chief Flynn took the opportunity to discuss the bigger issue of access to assault weapons all across the country.

"This issue is not a theoretical issue. This neighborhood has to live with too much violence," he said Thursday afternoon. "And one of the reasons it does is because criminals are able to gain access to high-capacity, high-quality firearms, including assault weapons. It's a danger to the entire community. This community is dangerous. Because of that, our officers have to exercise great courage to deflect those challenges. But every day, people who live in this city have to live with these slow-motion mass murder that these weapons bring to the streets of urban America."

Wednesday, Flynn testified before a Senate committee about a possible ban on assault weapons.

"It's time for congress to pick a side," he said. "This time I hope it's law enforcement's."