Milwaukee residents forced to abide by the 4-inch rule

CREATED Feb 27, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The clean-up from this week’s winter storm is far from over. A snow emergency was put into effect in Milwaukee Wednesday night.

Milwaukee made it through all last winter without a snow emergency. But the owners of cars still out on the streets may not make it through the night. They have less than one hour to move them from a Milwaukee street before the city comes by with a tow truck.

In the parking lot of Milwaukee’s Cass Street school, it's a kind of reunion. Neighbors who haven't seen each other in years are seeking refuge from a snow emergency.

"This is clean, I have a place to park, and know I'll be able to get out in the morning,” said Tracey Sheasby.

Sheasby sees a bright side to parking two blocks from her house, because there are plenty of downsides to not playing by the snow parking rules.

Simon Alcarac is doing it right. He is digging out and sending his car off to school.

"I prefer to go walk two blocks, three blocks than pay $200 to get it out,” said Alcarac.

It may be a pain, but at least it's a rare pain, and one Tracey Sheasby can live with, at least for one night.

If you live on a four-inch rule street, parking is limited to one side only, and the signs will tell you where. Violators there won't be towed, just ticketed, unlike cars on the snow emergency route.