People around the area take advantage of the wintry weather

CREATED Feb 27, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - There’s nothing like a snow day for some fun in southeast Wisconsin

As the snow came down, so did the snow bunnies on hills across southeast Wisconsin. Laila Hasan had her first trip on the tube in Franklin.

"It was fun, especially the part where you go up when they start to pull you," she said.

The day also marked a first for Dave Bartz.

"It's our first time snowboarding so we're just giving it a try," he said.

And the fun started early for a lot of the little ones who didn't have class in Whitefish Bay.

"I like the bumps but I also don't like the bumps," said Luis Arroyo.

You name it, they used it to get down the hill. At Mee-Kwon park in Mequon, it was all about getting a little air on the way down for a group of high school seniors. But everywhere we went had one thing in common -- young or old, big or small, there's still nothing like a snow day in Wisconsin.

"It's great to get out here and be like kids again," Ben Binversie said.