Kenosha County working to clear roads after a foot of snow and nearly 200 crashes

CREATED Feb 27, 2013

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KENOSHA COUNTY - Kenosha got more than a foot of snow during this storm, and are reporting nearly two-hundred crashes.

Throughout the day, the snow has tapered off and started up again. It's been like this throughout Kenosha county. On highway 50 in Pleasant Prairie, traffic is running smoothly, and the roads are clear. But that is by no means an accident.

When the snow falls, it's time for plow truck operator Tom Hupp to get to work.

With a hand on the wheel, and a finger on the button, drivers combed the streets of Kenosha County, pushing nearly a foot of snow off the roads.

"We had a couple guys on through the main routes all night long,” Hupp said. “And the main crews came in at 3:30."

With more than 100 spin-outs and dozens of crashes in Kenosha County, clearing the highways is a top priority. The issue this time around is the moisture. Heavy, wet snow makes for a harder job.

“The wet snow is harder to push,” said Hupp. “A lot of times, that ends up pushing the truck more than we push the snow. The light stuff is just easier to push around."

The roads are now clear, but the snow is still falling, and freezing water is now a concern for the evening commute.

“We're probably go through rush hour tonight, and then come back early in the morning to clean everything else up tomorrow morning."

Pleasant Prairie has extended its snow emergency declaration until 7 a.m. Thursday. Until then, drivers are urged to slow down and let plow crews do their job.