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Inside look at "Milwaukee Fire"

CREATED Feb 27, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It's one of the hottest shows on TV, and it's right here on TODAY'S TMJ4!

The NBC show 'Chicago Fire' looks at the drama and danger firefighters face every day.

Milwaukee firefighters we talked to at Engine Company 13 can relate...to a degree.

Firefighter Justin Loehner, Esq. says, "It's a stretch, on some things.  Obviously they have to make it interesting."

Company 13 is the busiest rig in the city--with more than 4,000 runs a year.

"Most guys wanna be where the action is," firefighter Rob Bland explains.

During their down time thought, they're like a family.

"Comradery's everything in a firehouse," Loehner says.

Bland plays the chef.  He admits he's a big fan of 'Chicago Fire'.

"Corny enough I watch it religiously.  I like the show.  A lot of guys don't like the show because they kinda pre-judge it," he says.

Bland even knows the latest gossip on the show!

"The ex-girlfriend came back pregnant and married," he says, pointing to the screen.

He does have one issue with the show though.  "They don't use the humor in a firehouse as much as I'd like."

Loehner agrees, saying each day he walks into the firehouse it's like a new episode of a sitcom.  "The stories, the characters that tell 'em... That adds to why the workplace is such a great place to be."

They all agree on one thing though--shows like 'Chicago Fire' do reflect the honor of being a firefighter.

"There is a pride.  That's the reason why you pick houses like this," Bland explains.

'Chicago Fire' airs Wednesday nights at 9 on TODAY'S TMJ4.