Locals are dealing with the Winter storm in different ways

CREATED Feb 26, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - During Tuesday night’s storm, the biggest issue may have been an American Airlines flight that kept folks waiting more than an hour on the tarmac. Airport-wide, the wait has been about 20 minutes.

Flights are getting diverted from Chicago, and that means more planes than gates. Because of that, it's taking a little while to get everyone settled, especially as crews work to clear the runways. But folks at the airport weren't the only ones in Milwaukee County going slow in the snow tonight.

Ray's Butcher Shoppe in Greenfield would usually be bustling with a dinner rush, but all this wet snow put a damper on that.

"Once the snow hit it's been slower and slower,” said Ryan Soltis with Ray’s Butcher Shoppe.

Something else we're dealing with is the wind. Because this is a wet heavy snow, the bulk of the snow isn't blowing around. But what is, is making it miserable to walk around in.

Andy White's dog Henry tends to do the deciding when it comes to going outside in Greendale.

“As soon as he gets done walking, he's done,” said White. “He'll put himself to bed and we're done."

Joe Zizzo is a guy “getting it done” on the sidewalks.

“I figure i'll get four inches now, four inches later instead of eight inches tomorrow morning,” he said.

All so it can get back to business as usual, as quickly as possible.

“Hopefully when this weather clears up bny the end of the night tomorrow will be a new day and we'll see new faces,” Soltis added.

Back at the airport, three hours is the max anyone can stay stuck on a plane before making it to the gate before airlines are penalized. But there was no threat of that happening Tuesday night.