Racine neighbors help each other dig out after the storm

CREATED Feb 26, 2013

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RACINE - The digging out has begun in Racine and there's a lot of snow to shovel and plow.

It was not a good night to be driving. Tires were spinning and cars weren't stopping.

Police blocked off a street in Caledonia because of a downed power line from the heavy wet snow.

"I’m still not used to it," said Mohammed Shafeeq.

It's nights like this that has has him second guessing why he ever left his warm homeland of India.
He now finds himself shoveling the back breaking snow at his Racine business.

City streets everywhere are snow covered despite an all assault to clear the roads.

But If you have only one good neighbor in life, Rick Diblasio is your guy.

"I do that house, that's mine," he said. "I do the one next door. I do this one and that one. They all moved out and left me in charge," said Diblasio.

He now worries this will be a double duty snow storm.

"I was going to wait until later but I figured if I could get some of it up now because I know there's more coming."