Numerous Chicago flights diverted to Milwaukee during storm

CREATED Feb 26, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The wind and heavy snow are causing some air travel headaches. Several flights had to be diverted from Chicago to Milwaukee on Tuesday.

It's not where they wanted to end up, but Tuesday night, air travelers found themselves at the mercy of Mother Nature. So far, about a dozen flights have been diverted, and others now canceled. The whiteout conditions have passengers scrambling for a way to get home.

Pat Ring thought she'd be home in Illinois by now, back from a trip to New Orleans. But nature had other plans. So half her family flew to Milwaukee instead.

"Our other half went to St. Louis,” she said. “They'll try to get home from there, but all our cars are at Midway. So we have to get to Midway to get our cars."

Many travelers were given an option: Wait for the snow to clear, or find another way home.

"I think we made the right decision," said Doby Williams.

Williams chose to control her own fate. After flying in a holding pattern above O'Hare, she landed in Milwaukee, then rented a car to drive home to Iowa.

"We'd rather be on the ground, dealing with snow than in the air," she said.

But with driving wind and blinding snow, conditions in Milwaukee aren't much better.

Crews are working on clearing the runways. Right now, Chicago seems to be the only problem destination, but that could soon change as the storm rolls through.

"We're seeing cancellations from Milwaukee to O'Hare,” said Ryan McAdams with Mitchell International. “That's the only cancellations we've seen so far. It's just a matter of what Mother Nature does to us."

We've been watching the cancellations. and have heard of folks spending two hours on the tarmac today. There are some flights continuing to take off and land, but if you have a plane to catch tonight call ahead or check your reservations online before you make the drive.